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The AfriGeneas Mail List is a moderated and screened discussion list operated for the pleasure and enjoyment of its members and at the discretion of its owners. There is no fee to members. Posting is done at least twice daily. We serve about 700 members by regular mail and about 300 members by digested mail for an average of one thousand members daily. 

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  • AfriGeneas is dedicated to providing mutual resources and support for those doing African Ancestored genealogy. In accordance with that philosophy, the AfriGeneas Mail List is a place to focus on African American genealogy to whatever degree you, the researcher, decide. Browse, post and and interact to share your genealogical research and resources in general and your African Ancestry in particular. This is our place and it will grow in accord with our agreed needs over time. 

    The Archives

    The AfriGeneas Mail List Archives is a searchable repository of postings from January 1997 through the present. The Archives is a first class resource, a compendium of the expertise, research and wisdom of the AfriGeneas community. Have a question? Search the Archives first. Your question may already have been answered. 

    The Rules

    1. Please only send a message once. Moderating a list takes much time and effort. There may be a delay in posting a message. Generally, you will be informed of the when or why of a delay. Moderating also means some messages may be rejected. Messages are posted with the discretion of the list owners and the generosity of our Majordomo host. 
      • Priority is given to messages with SURNAMES in the subject line 
      • URLs without a related message - low priority 
      • Forwarded messages require much reformatting - low priority 
      • Copyrighted material without permission of the author - no priority 
      • Please do not attach files to message 
      • Please do not use "help" in the subject header 
    2. Please alert the moderator if message is one of a series by adding SERIAL to the subject header. These messages will be held, compiled and made available for all to download from the AfriGeneas Library. Such series provides an invaluable resource to the community. Members providing such series are very much appreciated. 
    3. Please only post messages in plain text to the list. HTML requires extra effort and may be rejected. 
    4. Please do not crosspost messages from AfriGeneas to other lists without first gaining the permission of all authors quoted in the post. 
    5. Please do not crosspost messages from other lists to AfriGeneas without gaining the permission of the author. 
    6. Under no circumstances send virus alerts, spam, chain letters or other bulk e-mail postings to AfriGeneas or any AfriGeneas members. 
    7. Please respect other members of AfriGeneas and keep messages to the list or to individual members courteous and constructive. 
    8. Please keep quoting of text from posts to which you are replying to the minimum amount to clarify your comments. Do not quote messages in their entirety. 
    9. Please put at least your name, e-mail address and location on every post. This is very helpful to other members and it helps build a sense of community. 
    10. Please put a single surname in the subject line and in ALL CAPS to facilitate recognition and response. 

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What is

    A private mailing list created as a place to discuss and promote family history research. 

    What are the discussion guidelines?

    This is a place for the African Ancestored in particular and others in general to communicate their genealogical interests, needs, concerns, history, culture and resources in relation to genealogy. 

    Discussion areas include but are not limited to:

    BEGINNING Family Research
    CENSUS Records
    LOCATION Queries
    PEOPLE & PLACES Queries
    PLANTATION Records
    SURNAME Queries
    OTHER as specified

    How Can I Get Archived Messages?

    Do an interactive search of the AfriGeneas Archives. 

    Who Are AfriGeneas "Enablers"?

    Each person on this mailing list with resources to share or who can enable others to extend their search resources. "Each One Teach One." What resource area do you agree to provide? "Enablers" and their roles will become more specific as we broaden our connections with each of you. We dream of people taking responsibility for each of the Southeastern states, for instance as well as other specific areas.

    How Do I Post Messages to the List?

    To post your research, queries and resources to the List send messages to the following address (this mail goes to each of the subscribers to the list):

    How Do I Subscribe or Unsubscribe?

    It's easy to manage your AfriGeneas subscription online by going to the Majordomo website
    entering your email address, and checking/unchecking the box next to afrigeneas or afrigeneas digest. If you're a new subscriber, enter the email address that you will use to post and receive messages. If yours is an existing subscription, you must enter the same email address that you used to subscribe.

    You can also subscribe, unsubscribe, or change your subscription by email.

    To subscribe send "subscribe afrigeneas" or "subscribe afrigeneas-digest" in the body of an email message to
    To unsubscribe send "unsubscribe afrigeneas" or "subscribe afrigeneas-digest" in the body of an email message to
    To change your subscription from individual messages to the the digest or from the digest to regular mail, unsubscribe from your current subscription and resubscribe in the mode you prefer using the directions above. 

    To find out more about Majordomo send "help" in the body of an email message to

    Why Do I Get Messages Saying "subscribe" or "unsubscribe"?

    It means that the writer posted their (un)subscription request to instead of to 

    What Does "Mail Undeliverable ......etc " Mean ?

    Usually it means that one person out of 200 has a local mailbox problem. It does not mean that your mail was rejected. We try and update the list at least every three days to reduce the occurrence of what we call a "teenie weenie mail glitch meenie." 

    Who Manages the AfriGeneas Mailing List?

    Valencia King Nelson
    African Ancestored Genealogy Discussion 
    Post Office Box 4250 
    Anniston, AL 36204 
    voice: 256/820-8794 
    fax: 256/820-8339 
    So glad you subscribed to the AfriGeneas Mail List. Enjoy the discussion! HAPPY HUNTING !!

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